Brains Beats Brawn – Bletchley Park in Action

The work done at Bletchley Park was highly secret. Much of what was done at Bletchley Park during World War 2 remained secret for several decades after the war ended and it was… Read more

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The Sword of Stalingrad

In honour of the defenders of Stalingrad, King George VI of the United Kingdom commissioned a ceremonial longsword to be presented to the Soviet Union. Thirty six inches long, with… Read more

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Into the Lions’ Den – Mission Accomplished

Great news, the ‘Into the Lions’ Den’ is finished. The task now: acquire agent representation and secure a publishing deal. Isn’t that the easy part…

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Polishing Up

Draft 9 of ‘Into the Lions’ Den’ is complete and has been shipped across the sea to Cornerstones for what I hope will be the final critique. Onwards and upwards, only time will tell.

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